It was nice dealing with you...

From: Adetola
Hello Linda,

Good morning ma and how was your night? I received a call this morning from your office and I have given the keys to the woman who met me by the flat. Was that you? I am not sure because she told me to forward my banking details to you for my deposit. Below is my banking details:

Name: Adetola ********
Account Number: ********
Bank: Standard Access Account

I'll be leaving on the 25th and I won't be back until January next year ma. It was nice dealing with you and thank you so much for given me the chance to rent from your wonderful company. My deposit is Rxx,xxxx. You can take Rxxx for yourself and kindly transfer the rest to me as soon as you can ma.


It was a privilege doing business with you...

From: Horst ******
Liebe Frau K├Ârfer

Thank you very much for your e-mail. Marti ***** confirmed that the house was wonderfully maintained. I will tend to the swimming pool challenges after our return.

From my side, I wish to thank you and Linda - once again - for the wonderfully professional and efficient service you provided. It was a privilege doing business with you and I cannot express how reassuring it was knowing that you were managing our property every time we were abroad.

We wish you and your family and your staff - especially Linda - a blessed Christmas and a prosperous New year.

Kind Regards
Horst ******